104: From Academia to Entrepreneurial Success (feat. Tom Woods)

The maestro's podium

When I first had the idea to do the MusicPreneur podcast, it wasn't because of my sterling credentials.

I had no credentials. I was just out of the Army, totally wet behind the ears, green as can be. I had never done a successful tour, I had never released an album, I had never done a crowdfunding campaign.

"Of course, James!" you're thinking. "You have no experience as a MusicPreneur. Why don't you just start a podcast called MusicPreneur: Making Money Making Music"

It's kind of like when I moved to Hawaii in 2006 and got a job as a tour guide. Didn't make sense then, doesn't make sense now.

So why would I start a podcast when on paper I'm about the least qualified person to do so?

Because I didn't, and still don't, pretend to know everything there is to know about being a MusicPreneur.

I knew how to produce a podcast. I knew a little bit about how to build an audience.

14 months and 103 episodes later, I've learned a little bit more about both. I continue to do so.

But most important, what I did have was a burning desire to succeed. That desire has kept me going through some good times and some bad times.

How do you know when you should pursue an idea for a business type of venture? When you ask yourself, "Am I willing to endure all the negative aspects of being an entrepreneur to see this idea through to success?"

If the answer isn't, "Hell yeah" then you should really think twice about it. Because there's going to be some hardship along the way. People will let you down. You'll let yourself down. Clients, checks, etc. will fall through.

It aint easy bein' cheesy, mates.

But if you imagine the difficulties that are just part and parcel with being an entrepreneur, and your answer is a "Hell yeah," meaning you must do it, then you just may need to do it.

You don't need all the answers to get started. I didn't have all the answers, and I don't pretend to now.

But I had the desire to get the message out there, and I've been fortunate to associate with some pretty cool people to help me do so.

Just start. If it's meant to be, you'll know. If it's not, you'll know that too.

About the Guest

Tom Woods is a scholar turned entrepreneur. He's the author of 12 books, many of which have appeared on the New York Times bestseller list.

More pertinent to our purposes, he's a very successful internet entrepreneur. He hosts a daily podcast, The Tom Woods Show, through which he's able to provide for his family of 7. In our chat, we talk about how he got started as an entrepreneur, some of the means he employs to build and monetize an audience and the importance of simply being consistent in whatever it is you're doing!

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About the author, James Newcomb

I'm a full time MusicPreneur. Every now and then I play music. Send me an email at!

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