109: Replay of My Chat w/ Aaron Bethune (part 1 of 2)

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How many podcasts start out with a first class interview? Well, mine did - in spite of my own limitations as an entrepreneur and an interviewer. I asked Aaron Bethune, author of Musicpreneur: A Creative Approach to Making Money in Music, to be my guest for the premier episode of this show. He agreed to do it, and he hit it out of the park!

I want to share this with you because here we are, over a year and 108 episodes later, I know that people are listening to this podcast that didn't hear #1. It's too good to be hiding away in the archives! I decided to split it into two parts, so part 2 is coming up tomorrow.

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I was born in Montreal and grew up in England, then Spain. I have played piano since the age of four and guitar since the age of seven. I studied Jazz Performance at university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. I've recorded a number of pop-rock albums and been a session player on numerous recordings. My involvement in the music business started with the world of touring and I have booked major label acts as well as independents from Spain to Japan. With my company PlayItLoudMusic I have licensed music into major TV shows, movies and commercials. I have developed, mentored and managed artists and I am an in-demand music and creative consultant.

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