116: Carlos Castillo on Life, A New Baby, A New Recording Project and a MAJOR Upgrade to the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program

Carlos Castillo is back! In spite of major life events and a huge upgrade to his flagship Musicpreneur Apprentice Program, Carlos hasn't relented on his scathing rebuke of the Music "In-DUH-Stry."

It's just part of his charm. In this installment of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, Carlos and I talk about life with his new child, a new recording project that is dedicated to little Samson, and of course rant upon rant on the business of making music that is a cool salve to the weary MusicPreneur soul.

Be sure to check out the Musicpreneur Apprentice Program at

Also, previous guest of the podcast Roberto Hernandez recently published an interview with Carlos and wrote an AMAZING blog post to go with it. I highly recommend listening and reading at

Onward and upward.

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