125: Social Media Strategy, Embracing New Paradigms (feat. Gret Glyer)

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It's an ever evolving mystery why people insist on clinging to ideas, methodologies and mindsets that worked in the 1990's as if they are still effective today.

The basic principles of selling, people skills, etc. haven't changed. You still need to know how to network, you still need to work your tail off in order to succeed.

It's just that there are so many tools and resources now that didn't exist 20 years ago.

It breaks my heart to hear great musicians complaining about how "all the gigs are drying up."

They're not. They've just moved to a different lake.

There exists a steady stream of gigs for anyone to thrive and make music that honestly reflects who they are as individuals. You can build a tribe of loyal followers and fans of your music. You can set your schedule, your repertoire, your patrons - and you don't need to get in the good graces of the gatekeepers to do it.

That is what makes people upset. They worked their knuckles to the bone, they made it happen, with a paradigm that no longer exists.

People come to them asking for advice on how to make money making music and their only answer is what worked for them 20 years ago.

But it doesn't work today. Try to tell them otherwise and you get thrown in the doghouse. They get angry.

That's okay. You can show them what works. You don't need to fight with them. Just do the work, get results, show them what is possible!

Once they see you're not blowing smoke, they'll come around. And they'll gladly share their experiences with you to create an even better reality.

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Gret Glyer is the founder of Donor See, an online platform that allows you to contribute to small projects that greatly impact the lives of people in impoverished places around the world.

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My first convo with Gret in May, 2017.

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