126: Show Me the Teat On An Almond!

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Some people just refuse to accept that there are ways to do things other than what they were taught as children.

Sam Elliott's character in the Netflix series The Ranch is a perfect example.

He takes out a box of almond milk from his fridge and says, "What the f*ck is almond milk?"

When his son points out that it's just milk made from almonds, he says, "Show me the teat on an almond!"

It's hilarious TV, but it shows the way so many people think, especially when it comes to building a career as a musician.

Musicians who came of age in the 1990's and before are having a hard time with the changes we see on a daily basis.

Gigs that were once considered untouchable are now gone - and they don't know what to do about it. Sadly, some of them choose to ridicule the idea that there is any other way to make a living as a musician other than what they learned "back in the day."

Thank goodness for entrepreneurs who saw a need for a milk that didn't have the adverse side effects of cow milk that some people experience - including my own son - and took a risk to find a better way to make milk.

And it turns out that almond (and cashew milk, yummmy!) is perfectly acceptable and even tastes better than cow milk once you get used to it.

To the musicians who are grumbling about the changes we see. Don't begrudge entrepreneurs for making change happen. Embrace it, learn new ways to make money, to build a tribe.

You just may find that there's a way to build a career that is more rewarding than you ever would have had using the old system!

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