127: The Fuel that Powers the Vehicle to Our Destination as MusicPreneurs

The maestro's podium

What is our destination as MusicPreneurs?

To get people to give us the green stuff in exchange for the service we provide as musicians.

What is the vehicle that gets usĀ to that destination?


Know. Like. Trust.

What is the fuel that powers the KLT model vehicle?

We discuss this in today's episode. In summary, it's the 6 psychological triggers that get people to KLT us. The more of them we utilize in our emails, sales pitches, Facebook videos, youtubes, etc. etc. the faster we'll get people to KLT us and our product.

Here they are:

  1. Expert Authority
  2. Likability
  3. Commitment and Consistency
  4. Reciprocation
  5. Social Proof
  6. Scarcity

To help me with today's episode, I employed the great marketer Mark Hendricks to deliver a short message. Well, he recorded it a few years ago, but I was able to procure the recording as well as the rights to distribute it for y'all.


P.S. Here's the text of Mark's talk in full.


By using these six triggers in every ad, sales letter, website, you quickly get people to go through the three steps of what?

Know you, like you, trust you. Now, okay, what are the expert authority? Liking, commitment, consistent behavior, reciprocation, social proof, and scarcity. Now, the thing that said was that he saw that these sales people used maybe one or two of these things when they did these sales presentations. And that got me thinking, you know, if you use one or two of these things together and it did so well, what would happen if you put all six of them together? I wonder what? And you know, when I started doing that, it was terrific. Because I was hitting more and more emotional, psychological buttons when I would talk to people or write them a letter, okay?

Now, you can do this very, very, quickly. You can do it over a 90 minute talk, you can do it in a three minute video, you can do it on a post card. You can establish all six of these things in real short order. And the way I suggest you to start trying to do it, is when you write emails to people, have a ... just take a little index card and write those six things on there, in that order, and see if you can cover all those basis in some way, in little emails that you send out.

Person emails. Don't try it on your business people yet, but just get in the habit of ... Like if you went to a conference this weekend, for instance, I went to a conference this weekend with America's number one home inspector, business and marketing expert. Now you're telling a buddy about this, what did you just do? You just established Ken Compton, pretty high and mighty in the field of home inspection, didn't you? To your friend. Not only is he really brilliant in that way, but he's one of the most likable guys you'll ever meet. Did I hit number two?

Okay, he taught us step by step by step how to better run our business and market our business, so that we could make more money in less time than we've ever done before. Ken was so cool that I asked him, or Ken was so good that I asked him, do you have anything that I can share with my buddies back home that would clue them in on what a great group this is? And he allowed me to give you this CD. He is already got over fill in the blank, 100 members, and they're growing at about 27% per month across America. I understand that he and a fellow named Joe are going to do a USA tour for home inspectors, but I also understand they have very limited seating in their upcoming presentations and workshops that they're doing. So after you listen to that CD, I know there's a website address that you can go to, and sign up. And I really recommend that you take advantage of this, just like I did.

Now, did I hit all six of those things? Yeah. Now, if I could respond to that real quick, now that was how many paragraphs if I wrote it? Maybe three or four? Now, if somebody talked to you in that way, and they knew you were here this weekend, would that have an influence on what they do with that CD? Yeah, I think so. Now could you craft something better than what I just said off the top of my head? I think you could. I think I could, anyway. But that's the basis. You see how you can run quickly through those six things, and really establish a pretty good story.

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