134: As If I Needed That $15

So, I’m getting ready to move from the Raleigh area to Virginia Beach. I pick up the truck and load up on Friday, have a recital with my trumpet students on Saturday, then leave first thing Sunday morning.
But I have this problem. And it was solved – until my stupid ego got in the way.
I’m trying to sell our king size bed.┬áMy wife thinks I don’t like her because I’m always sleeping on the couch, or on the day bed in the back room. The truth is I just don’t sleep well on it, so I’ve convinced her that we don’t need to bring it with us to VB.
We paid over $1500 for just the mattress in 2009, and I have it listed on Craigslist for $275. That’s just the way it goes with mattresses, right?
Well, I had someone email me on Saturday that was eager to take it off my hands. They offered $150. I said give me $200 and it’s yours.
She countered with $175.
And this is where I got stupid. I said, $190.
She didn’t respond.
I asked if she wanted it. She said, Nope. 175 is my final offer. So I said, Fine take it for 175.
No thanks.
So now I’m 4 days away from loading the truck and I still have that stupid mattress – all because I wanted to be in control.
I told my wife over and over that we need to be more concerned with getting rid of stuff than getting more money for something.
If you’re not taking something with you, it’s like people are paying you to take stuff off your hands. That’s a pretty good deal.
But I completely contradicted myself. My ego got in the way and I still have to get rid of the thing.
What’s the lesson for you to take away?
I have no idea. Go ask your guru.
For me, it’s understanding that money isn’t everything. Sometimes there are benefits to a transaction that outweigh any financial gain.
For me in this case, it’s space. I need as much of it as possible. I need the space that king size mattress would occupy in the Uhaul more than I need a little bit of money. I mean, what would I have done with an extra $15? Have lunch at the Waffle House?
Now I have a few bites on a new listing on Craigslist. I’m sure I’ll find a taker, but I’m mad at myself that I had one and I let it slip away because of my stupid ego.
Don’t let this be you, comrade.

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