137: What it Means to Do Business With Integrity (feat. Joel Bein)

About the guest

Joel Bein (pronounced "bine") cultivates awe, joy, and creative expression by conducting invigorating classical music, and inspires people to invest in themselves, harness personal power, and pursue what makes them come alive. He's the founder of the newly- launched New Orleans Chamber Players, and creator of the Exponentially Empowered Podcast.

how do you define integrity?

Joel references six "pillars" that make for a meaningful life.

Living consciously

Living with self acceptance

Living responsibly

Living with self assertiveness

Living purposefully

Living with integrity

It was the word "integrity" that caught my attention throughout the interview.

Why do you do what you do?

Sadly so many people just do, and they don't know why.

They're just following" the plan." You do it just because that's what everyone else does.

To me, that is not a life lived with integrity. You can be as straight as an arrow, you can never tell a lie in your life – or at least get away with it ha ha. But if you don't have a "why" for what you do, is that a life lived with integrity?

There is a path for those who do not live a life of integrity as musicians. I call it the club/church/wedding rat race. It is what the vast majority of musicians settle for. They can even make a great living making music but they don't have a "why" for doing it.

This and many other things are what Joel and I discussed on today's episode of the podcast!


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