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36: Musician’s Are Entrepreneurs | Audio Blog

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This is an interview that I did on someone else’s podcast. The host goes by the pseudonym “Marco of all Trades” and his podcast is called The Renaissance Man. You can find it at

Marco is a former MusicPreneur himself and a wonderful interviewer! We covered so many things that I believe are important for MusicPreneur’s that I wanted to share the convo with you all.

Here’s a quick summary of our chat:

  • A quick summation of my journey as a mp
  • One thing musician’s need to do to be more entrepreneurial (Hint: it’s not ordering new business cards.)
  • Why do musicians need to be entrepreneurs? A: They already are! (here’s how)
  • How you can find the music in the music business.
  • Tools musicians need to focus on: Use the stuff you can get for free (
  • Why I don’t try to reach other artists with my message.


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In a hurry? Download this post as a PDF!

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