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This is an interview that I did on someone else’s podcast. The host goes by the pseudonym “Marco of all Trades” and his podcast is called The Renaissance Man. You can find it at trmpodcast.com

Marco is a former MusicPreneur himself and a wonderful interviewer! We covered so many things that I believe are important for MusicPreneur’s that I wanted to share the convo with you all.

Here’s a quick summary of our chat:

  • A quick summation of my journey as a mp
  • One thing musician’s need to do to be more entrepreneurial (Hint: it’s not ordering new business cards.)
  • Why do musicians need to be entrepreneurs? A: They already are! (here’s how)
  • How you can find the music in the music business.
  • Tools musicians need to focus on: Use the stuff you can get for free (http://freemusiccourse.com)
  • Why I don’t try to reach other artists with my message.


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