20: David Kadavy on Building Habits to Increase Your Productive Focus

David Kadavy is the author of Getting Art Done. I think you can guess its contents by its title.

He’s made it available to listeners of this podcast for FREE by using promo code MusicPreneur when checking out at 🙂

I appreciate David and all his work to help content creators like us be more productive, efficient and, well, creative!

About the guest:

I’m David Kadavy. I’m author of Design for Hackers: Reverse-Engineering Beauty (which debuted in the top 20 on all of Amazon). I also host a podcast called Love Your Work (iTunes), where I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs and creators such as Jason FriedDan ArielyJames AltucherRyan HolidayLaura RoederNoah Kagan, and many more.

I used to be a product designer in Silicon Valley, but I’ve since doubled down on my love for writing, after accidentally becoming an author. My writing has been featured in ObserverThe Huffington PostInc.comQuartzMcSweeney’s Internet TendencyUpworthy, and Lifehacker. I currently do most of my writing and thought experimentation on Medium, and I’m very active on Twitter, and have a Facebook Page.

I offer a free email course to learn web design, a course to learn the principles of visual design, and an entire course about white space.

In addition to my regular Design for Hackers email list, I have a book recommendations list.

I worked with behavioral scientist Dan Ariely to reinvent Google Calendar. The company we worked on, Timeful, was bought by Google, and many of those features are now in Google Calendar.

I currently live in Medellín, Colombia, which I chose as my home base after extended stays in many places around the world. I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska, and have also lived in San Francisco; Chicago; San Jose; Kearney, Nebraska; Ames, Iowa; and I’ve done month-or-longer stints in many other places.

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