62: Put Yourself on the Pedestal. +My First Ever Podcast Interview (Yikes!!!)

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chikin_FotorThis is a bit of a pontification from yours truly regarding self-promotion. I've been reflecting on this, particularly in the last month or so. And I got hit square between the eyes early this week watching a training video specifically for podcasters.

The message? Make what you're doing about you, not someone or something else.

You are the one doing the work; why wouldn't you put yourself on a pedestal when it comes to promoting your business?

It seems like common sense when you say it that way, but sadly many people are afraid to self-promote. They don't want to be seen as "that guy" who breaks the mold.

Well, guess what? Entrepreneurs need to have the mentality that "the mold" just isn't for them. Some of the rules that others accept as natural law simply don't apply to an entrepreneur.

You're great. You're doing great things. Give yourself the credit you deserve before lifting someone else on a pedestal. After all, they're looking out for Numero Uno as well, and it ain't you!

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Brian Foster is professor of physics at Oxford University. He's also a lecturer on Albert Einstein's intense love of music and how it served him throughout his incredible career. He and Jack Liebeck, a violinist, collaborate to share this message with audiences around the world.

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