71: How to Cultivate Community for Success (Feat. Mark Asquith)

Mark Asquith started Excellence Expected in 2015. He didn't make any money with it for 2 years, but he kept producing high quality content and connecting with those who consumed it. But the secret sauce to his eventual success? Building Community.

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"Hi, I'm Mark Asquith. In 2005 I decided that I no longer wanted to work the 9 to 5 for people with whom I had little in common.

So I quit.

Since then I've developed from freelancer to multiple business owner, having worked with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the NHS and some of the UK’s biggest corporations.

I created my first business, HACKSAW™ and ran myself into a burn out shortly after. That experience opened my eyes and made me realise that with a few simple changes, concise guidance and transparent straight talking, the first years in business don't have to lead to that.

And so, I created Excellence Expected to help other people through those arduous first years in business. And I love doing it.

I'm here to help. The more you expect from yourself, the more you will excel."

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