90: Live Like the Mountain is Out (Feat. Shannon Curtis)

It was July, 2017. Shannon Curtis and her husband were in the middle of their annual tour of the United States performing concerts in the homes of their valued patrons. 

A mere 9 days before their concert in Charlottesville, VA, tragedy struck the town. The city council had voted to remove a statue of a Confederate general, resulting in a neo-nazi protest. Concerned citizens of Charlottesville organized a counter-protest. They simply would not tolerate an organization that espouses hate and violence as its core principles to have such a public presence in their town.

During the counter-protest, a neo-nazi plowed his car into the crowd, injuring 19 people and killing one.

Her host for the performance had been involved in the tragic activities that day. She aided injured members of both sides of the protests. She watched the car plow into the crowd. She watched Heather Heyer being carted into the ambulance, mere hours before she succumbed to her injuries. 

What was to be just one of 75 stops on their four-month tour became a defining moment of the entire summer, and perhaps for her entire career as a performer.

In this interview, Shannon shares her experience performing the concert and reflects on the power of Music to heal wounded hearts, to cause us to reflect on what is meaningful in our lives, to communicate those immutable truths to the human soul that cannot be expressed in words.

Oh, and we also talk about glorious Mt. Rainier in Washington State!

About the Guest

Shannon is a maker of music, a writer, performer, storyteller, and mentor. She's an evangelist for sustainable and thriving community-driven-and-supported careers in independent art, as illustrated in her best-selling how-to book about house concerts, "No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I Made $25K on a 2-Month House Concert Tour, And How You Can, Too."

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