92: .Com and .Org Mentality

.com or .org? 

Each one has a very different connotation, right?

You hear ".com" and you think commerce, business, making money, the bottom line.

When you hear ".org" you think altruism, charity, selflessness, mission- oriented.

".org" sounds more noble, like you're concerned for the world around you, while ".com" sounds like you're just in it for yourself and those around you.

It's a subtle but notable difference, one that puts the principles of entrepreneurship in an unfortunately negative light.

Yes, entrepreneurs are driven by the desire to make a profit - and it's something that a true entrepreneur embraces wholeheartedly. The desire to make a profit means you desire a better life. And if by pursuing a better life, others are able to benefit, all the better.

And it turns out that in order for an entrepreneur to be successful, they need to embrace those values I just described with the ".org" mentality.

I found this article on this past week. It's about a college in Arizona that has a for-profit business model - for the time being. Evidently some other universities of distinction in the Good Ol US of A aren't pleased that this horde of bottom-line feeders has a basketball team that's good enough to play in the NCAA tournament.

"An institution who's primary concern is the 'bottom line' can't be of service to society," says an expert at a notable university that not too long ago was embroiled in the worst scandal in the history of American sports.

In this episode, I take issue with this stigma attached to entrepreneurs, as well as some ways that musicians allow it to influence key decisions in their careers.

Spoiler alert: Buy the .com.

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