Aalics Bronson

aalicsAalics Bronson is a native of Louisville, KY and currently resides in New York City. He is the bassist for the Jean Marx Express.


  1. If you don’t feel nervous, it’s your ego fooling you.
  2. The stage is your home.
  3. Music is all around us, in everything we do.


In the early days of his career, played at the Spiral, a famous venue in New York City. Three songs into their set, the sound guy said into the mic, “Get off the stage, you guys suck.”


  • “Before a performance, Jean Marx and I just sit in the room where we’re going to play and get acclimated to what the room is trying to tell us.”
  • “Music is a battle, so enjoy it.”


Q: It’s 5 minutes before you go on stage for an important performance… What are you doing?

A: Holding a bass, just playing.

Q: What’s the best performance-related advice you’ve ever received?

A: Video tape yourself. Watch what you do and learn how to do better.

Q: Can you share one tip for our listeners to help deal with stage fright? (Physical, mental, etc.)

A: Tell yourself that the stage is your home.

Q: What’s a non-musical activity that contributes to your success as a musician?

A: I just embrace the outdoors, reality, and hear the music in everything around me.

Q: Imagine you’re on stage. It’s the end of the performance and the audience is on its feet, applauding. They don’t want any more and they don’t want any less. Everything is perfect. What have you just done?

A: Playing in my home, Louisville, KY, with friends and family in attendance, with Prince (RIP). Playing Cross.

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