About that Drama in Trumpet Land Earlier This Year…

In late March, early April timeframe, I experienced this weird phenomenon called... Well, I don't know what to call it other than misplaced idealism turned into self-righteous indignation. Because I showed insufficient remorse for what seemed like a dumb question on my Facebook group dealing with women trumpet players, I endured the wrath of a couple of female trumpet players who took exception to my response to the question - or lack thereof. Which in turn became an implosion of my fledgling resurgence of the Trumpet Dynamics podcast.

While the whole thing was pretty silly, there were a couple of things that in retrospect I could have done differently. To put it bluntly: nothing. I would have done nothing. But we all have to learn hard lessons in whatever we're endeavoring to do, and I guess it was just my turn to be in the hot seat for a week or so.

I share with my three listeners, Glenn, Stu and Shaniqua, what went down and what I would do differently the next time I encounter a similar situation.

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