About this Little Known Tool That Can Dramatically Increase Your Engagement with Customers All Over the World

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While perusing Facebook a while back, I came across a post in a musician's forum about something that I thought had bit the dust.

But it turns out that it's alive and kicking, and as far as musicians are concerned, it's prime real estate.

Translation: No one is using it.


But that could change, and you owe it to yourself to check it out and see if it's something that you think can help your business.

What is this cool technology of which I speak? It's called Periscope. Think of it as Facebook Live, minus the Facebook.

Live streaming is all they do, and my guest today has done quite well with it in just a few short months of utilizing it in her engagement efforts with fans and listeners around the world.

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My guest is Erin McAndrew, and we can find her on the web at

She was kind enough to join me on a Skype call and I got to pick her brain about:

  • What Periscope is...
  • How she utilizes it in her outreach efforts...
  • Whether or not it's useful in monetization efforts...
  • Why it's such a powerful tool for musicians, namely because very few musicians are actually using it...
  • And much more...

I hope you'll find Erin on Periscope and follow her, as I did while we recorded the podcast. (Just to show you how simple it is.)

Hint: It really works best on a smart phone, not so much on a laptop or desktop computer.

Got a question for me or Erin? Leave a comment below and one of us will respond ASAP!


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