Alex Heiche of Sound Royalties on the importance of having a will

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It's one thing we don't want to talk about...

The thing we fear most in this life - right up there with public speaking.

Death. And what to do with our estate once we're gone from this world.

We've heard some of the stories from well-known musicians who have passed away: Michael Jackson, Prince, and now Aretha Franklin.

Although an unpleasant topic, a bit of planning would have spared their families years of litigation, millions in lawyer fees and agonizing dispute between family members.

Well, we may not achieve the stature of a Michael Jackson or Aretha Franklin (but who says we can't?) but we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to plan for when we're no longer on the earth.

About the guest:

Alex Heiche is the founder and CEO of Sound Royalties. He has an innate passion for music and strong roots in the music industry. Alex established the company in 2014 after identifying the gaping need for fair funding options for music professionals, which allowed creatives to retain their copyrights.

Alex has almost two decades of experience in providing cash and finance raising strategies to large annuity recipients, professional athletes, songwriters and artists. He has worked with leading music industry professionals, including Grammy Award winners, platinum recording artists and notable music industry executives in every genre, always with the utmost discretion and privacy.

Alex is a strong and outspoken advocate for the rights of songwriters, producers and artists, and the importance of those in the creative world being fairly compensated for their work.


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