11: Michael O’Neal on the Art of the Interview | T-T-T-T Tuesday

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Are you a podcaster? Is talking to people a part of your daily life? Then Michael O’Neal’s course, The Art of the Interview, will be of great value to you! Check it out at artoftheinterview.co

Michael shares a few gems on how to conduct podcast interviews, including:

  • How podcaster’s fail to see the value in their work
  • The right and wrong way to introduce a guest
  • Promote, Promote, Promote your guest

Here’s a little secret. Michael blew me away with what he said in this part of our chat to the point that I actually recorded my introduction of him in Ep. 10 again!

After all, I bought his course a few months ago. Wouldn’t want people to think I hadn’t studied.

If that’s not motivation to finally go through the material, I don’t know what is 🙂


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