42: Balancing Artistic Integrity and Customer Service w/ Jim Stephenson + Michael O’Neal and Seth Hanes

FYI, here are the time markers for the interviews.

Jim Stephenson - [10:14]
Michael O'Neal - [27:40]
Seth Hanes - [1:09:41]

Welcome to the MusicPreneur.Com podcast, where we provide the tools and resources to help the MusicPreneur achieve Financial, Artistic, Location and Time Freedom!

Today's episode is a bit of an experiment. I'm publishing 3 separate interviews into one episode.


jimThe first is with composer Jim Stephenson, who discusses a bit of a dilemma he had when the director of a youth orchestra made an unusual request.





art of the interviewThe second features Michael O'Neal of the Solopreneur podcast. Michael is a friend of the podcast as this is his second appearance on it. In our chat, we discuss how to be savvy using internet tools, specifically Instagram to grow your audience. I also got to mention my Cornet Revolution side project 🙂




seth hanesLast but not least, I feature Seth Hanes, author of "Break Into the Scene." This week marks the one year anniversary of the book being published. I wanted to bring him back to the podcast to talk about the book, as well as some success stories people have had using the principles he teaches in it!



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