149: Goal Setting, Dreaming Big and Exceeding Your Needs w/ Guest Speaker Billy Grisack

Since I'm on the road this summer, I asked Billy Grisack if he would make a contribution to this week's episode of the podcast.

Billy is a "plant-powered" working musician. He's a third-generation musicpreneur and has a successful band he and his son operate called Big and Tall. And I highly recommend you follow Billy's blog in his weight loss journey at

I gave Billy the green light to say pretty much anything he wanted. He delivered a home run with this on setting goals and translating them to success.

Here are a few notes I took while listening to his monologue.

Dream big. Not just dream, but make it happen. A goal is a dream with a deadline. Better said, it's a dream with a target.

If you shoot for the highest goal, and get only halfway there, it's still pretty good.

If you need $500, then make $1000 your goal. If you don't make your goal, you've still exceeded what you need. (hopefully)

Oasis. Wanted to be "the next Beatles." They didn't make it, but they were very successful. Wonderwall.

"When we play Summerfest, we get paid." Not for exposure. Some bands don't even realize getting paid is an option. Getting there is a great goal, but Billy won't do it for free.

Make a 1 year goal, 5 year goal and a 10 year goal.

You need help from friends, family, fans, other musicians. Setting lofty goals makes you realize how much you depend on others to reach them.

Big goals will give you big results, even if you don't fully reach them.

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