89: To Be Successful in Business, You’ve Got to Do What the Business People Do (Feat. Brian Poillucci)

What's the biggest problem you see with musicians making money with their music?

"Musicians are simply doing everything wrong," says Brian Poillucci. You need to have the same mentality as an entrepreneur. You have a business model and plan that you follow, you set goals and objectives and design your activities around meeting those goals.

When you meet a girl (or guy) for the first time, you don't come right out and say, "Will you marry me?"

At that point, the person is "cold" and they need to "warm up to you" before they're ready to go to the next step. Go through the dating process until you're ready to put a ring on her finger.

You'll speak to your cold audience, your warm audience and your hot audience differently.

Do musicians have the wrong business model, or no business model?

Both. Remember the rule: Don't build your business on someone else's platform. Re: Patreon, Shopify, etc.

Here are a few more of the questions we answer in the interview:

  • Why are musicians hesitant to call themselves entrepreneurs?
  • How do marketers ruin everything?
  • What bands are you a super fan of, and what about them strikes a chord with you?
  • What will we find at

About the Guest

Brian Poillucci is a Digital Marketer who has helped thousands of business owners win online but he would describe himself as a musician and audio engineer who loves the internet. Brian is now on a mission to empower musicians and bands with the same tools and strategies he uses on a daily basis to help businesses.

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