36: How David Cutler Turned a Crisis into an Opportunity

david cutler

This episode goes live on Sunday, Sep 3, 2017

david cutlerDr. David Cutler balances a varied career profile as a jazz and classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, author, and sought-after speaker. Known as the world's foremost expert on music entrepreneurship, his books "The Savvy Musician" and The Savvy Music Teacher" and workshops like "The SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge" have influenced a generation of artists.

Here's what I asked David Cutler in the interview:

  • What is the problem musician's face in today's world?
  • How does the 21st Century compare with the 20th and earlier centuries regarding opportunities to have a "real job" as a musician?
  • How do you produce music that allows you to reflect your genuine self as well as build a following of dedicated fans?
  • When did you realize you're an entrepreneur and can make it happen outside of the "status quo"?
  • What were the challenges you had to overcome when you began your entrepreneurial journey?
  • What do you say to those whose primary motivation for being an entrepreneur is to make money?

  • Tell us about the history and objectives of the SAVVY Arts Venture Challenge.
  • How do the successful participants of the Challenge prepare for it beforehand?
  • If I'm attending the Challenge, what should I NOT say in my initial pitch?
  • How can a musician have a healthy attitude towards money in regards to their ability to make music?
  • How has running the Savvy Arts Venture Challenge helped you grow as a musician and as an entrepreneur?


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