“The Hendrix of the Bass”: The Life and Legacy of Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius

The electric guitar had Jimi Hendrix. The trumpet had Harry James. The clarinet had Benny Goodman.

Every instrument has had a pioneer that pushed the envelope and made it conscious in the mainstream.

Toots Thieleman on the harmonica. Arnold Jacobs on the tuba.

And the bassoon...has somehow survived without a prominent figure leading the way. Here's to hoping that it's their turn next in line.

Well, you ask any bassist who the Hendrix of the instrument is, and they'll almost unanimously say it was Jaco Pastorius. A virtuoso, a visionary, he saw more potential for his instrument than anyone else in his age. Many of the leading bassists today look to Jaco as their inspiration; they credit him for paving the way for their own success.

He died way too soon, at least in our own perspective. But we had a great man in our midst for a short time, and for that we're grateful.

In this episode, we talk about the life and legacy of Jaco Pastorius with the curator and proprietor of a website dedicated to him.

In my chat with Corey Brown, you'll hear:

  • The life of Jaco Pastorius...[7:36] 
  • Why Jaco is considered to be the "Hendrix of Bass"...[26:00] 
  • Should we be sad we lost Jaco so early, or glad that we had him at all?...[27:00] 
  • How Jaco "pushed the envelope" for the bass, which at the time wasn't known as a "lead" instrument...[29:30] 
  • Would bassists today have the platform they do had Jaco not done what he did?...[37:45] 
  • The story of how Corey began his passion project devoted to the life and legacy of Jaco Pastorius...[41:07] 
  • And much more!
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Resources from this episode:

"Jaco" the film

Knucklepuck Media - the agency Corey represents for all your digital marketing needs.

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