33: Jason Heath Discusses Life on the Low End of the Spectrum

jason heath

Jason Heath, a former orchestra director in Chicago, resides in San Francisco and is the host of the Contrabass Conversations podcast.

An outline of our chat follows:

About Contrabass Conversations

  • Coming up on 2 million downloads
  • 800k in 2016
  • Ten year anniversary
  • Year 10 almost as productive as years 1-9

June 2016

  • High School orchestra director
  • started blog in 2006, focused on education, 60+ hours/week
  • Retired blog/podcast due to conflict with job
  • Started up again in 2015
  • Wife got job in CA, what would job scene look like
  • Stayed in Chicago – bad move
  • People recognized JH as “the podcast guy” not “the orch director”

Initial Strategy for Blog/Podcast

  • Podcast 1.0 and 2.0
  • When started up again, much more focused on
  • Focused on the Niche
    • Broad enough to build an audience, but focused one one topic

The decision to move to CA

  • Occurred in winter in Chicago

Transition from job to podcasting career

  • Decision made end of 2015
  • Build career around podcast – portfolio career
  • Worried would run out of bass players – has list of 400 potential interviewees
  • Just reached out and scheduled

Monetizing the Podcast

  • Recommended Resource: Darren Rouse – Pro Blogger
  • Sponsors
  • Your own products
  • Wrote book: Winning the Audition – Interviews were primary source material
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Shopping Mall analogy
  • Portfolio Concept

How Many Bass Podcasts?

  • Not many, wish there were more in order to collaborate
  • Excited about music podcasts
  • Only one running the race

How has podcasting improved you as an entrepreneur?

  • Better listener, better at asking questions, better at public speaking
  • DIY doctoral degree
  • Emails from listeners all over the world are very motivating

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