38: How and Why Jennifer Rosenfeld of iCadenza Reclaimed the Title of “Musician”

Jennifer-e1455305892566-126x150Jennifer Rosenfeld, CEO of iCadenza and President & Principal Manager of Cadenza Artists, has extensive experience working with musicians of all genres on identifying and pursuing their professional goals, and overcoming the obstacles that come up along the way.

She's also a musician.

"Wow, James," you might be thinking. "A musician who helps musicians share their art with the world. What's the big deal?"

I'm so glad you asked.

Because for the longest time, Jennifer thought she wasn't worthy to be called a musician.

You can read her telling of the story here, but I'll sum up by saying that a teacher's careless words during a vulnerable time in her life caused her to think she had done everything wrong her entire life as it related to music.

In spite of this unfortunate experience, Jennifer co-founded iCadenza in order to help musicians share their art with the world.

She has also reclaimed her identity as a musician.

Among the topics we discussed in this powerful interview:

  • How iCadenza monetizes their business.
  • Why it's important that your "free" content is equal to or better than your "paid" content. (Hint: it's because people won't buy from you if your free stuff is of poor quality.)
  • The story of not identifying as a musician - in her own words.
  • How a deferential attitude can be harmful in one's entrepreneurial endeavor.
  • Why an entrepreneur must be careful from whom they receive criticism and adopt a "swimming upstream" mindset.
  • How musicians equate certain milestones (degrees, performing at certain venues) with success.
  • How a non-musical academic career allows Jennifer to offer a balanced viewpoint for her clients.
  • The difference in mindset between 2009, when Jennifer gave up the title of "musician" and now.

Recommended Resource: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

Special thanks to Seth Hanes for introducing Jennifer and I and making this interview possible!

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