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bederJohn Beder is the director and producer of the documentary titled, Composed. It deals with performance anxiety, so he's uniquely qualified to be on this segment of the podcast!

Quotable Quotes

"When I left music, I thought I was leaving it for good. The film allowed me to come back with my head held high."

"Musicians who leave music tend to do very well with whatever they end up doing."

John's Worst Moment as a Performer

Freshman year at Boston University. Playing in the orchestra a Tchaikovsky symphony. It started with a note on the tam-tam. The conductor stopped the orchestra and called me out repeatedly. It went on for several minutes. This was the first rehearsal of the year, as a freshman. He'd start the orchestra and corrected me repeatedly in front of the rest of the orchestra.

The Hot Seat

1.It's 5 minutes before a performance. What are you doing?

Focusing on the breathing.

2. What's the best performance advice you've ever received?

A teacher told me, "Don't you want to see how good you can be?"

3. What is one tip to deal with stage fright?

Remember that music is what you do, not who you are.

4. What's a non-musical activity that helps you succeed as a musician?

My wife keeps me grounded and balanced.

5. Are you a musician who makes films, or a filmmaker who plays music?

At this stage, I'm a filmmaker who's a fan of music. I hope it changes though 🙂

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