Aaron Bethune says “Make Your Own Pie With the Ingredients You’ve Got!”

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Here’s a brief outline of this interview with Aaron.

  1. Aaron tells the story of turning back a mere 200 meters from the summit of the highest mountain in South America and how this is an allegory for defining success as a MusicPreneur.
  2. This decision to turn back led to Aaron saving the life of a fellow climber who had become lost.
  3. “Success” is subjective. What we think of as a destination is oftentimes a steppingstone on a lifelong journey.
  4. “Branding” is an experience. It connects consumers with consumers. It requires you as the MusicPreneur making a statement that reflects your authentic self.
  5. If you think a particular medium should play your music, you must conform to that medium’s standards.
  6. Story of a Broadway singer and yoga instructor who successfully merged his passions to create a unique niche.
  7. If you’re the only person in the race, who do you think will win?


About the Guest:

I was born in Montreal and grew up in England, then Spain. I have played piano since the age of four and guitar since the age of seven. I studied Jazz Performance at university on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve recorded a number of pop-rock albums and been a session player on numerous recordings. My involvement in the music business started with the world of touring and I have booked major label acts as well as independents from Spain to Japan. With my company PlayItLoudMusic I have licensed music into major TV shows, movies and commercials. I have developed, mentored and managed artists and I am an in-demand music and creative consultant. My expertise in music, branding and marketing goes beyond the music industry and has allowed me the opportunity to work with many forward-thinking companies and individuals. I have been a juror for the JUNO Awards and am currently a juror for FACTOR (The Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings), I am a speaker and a music educator. I am a musicpreneur and am constantly looking for ways to break patterns through creative collaborations. I am passionate about the outdoors, with a special interest in mountaineering, and I currently live in Victoria, BC, Canada with my beautiful wife, Laura, son, Oliver Winter, and baby girl, Julie Rose Autumn. 

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