4: Nate Maingard is a Modern Troubadour

modern troubadour

Nate Maingard is a storyteller, a nomad, and occasionally a “professional” musician when he’s impressing people wearing suits.

Here’s a brief synopsis of our conversation.

What is a “modern troubadour?”

A troubadour is a term from the middle ages for a person who roamed the land telling stories and relating the story of human existence to their fellow man. They sung about “courtly love” similar to some of the singers of the 60’s.

Most famous troubadour: St. Francis of Assisi.

Nate’s earliest musical memory: Listening to his father playing guitar and singing.

How he made the decision to be a full-time musician: Realized he could spend his life wondering “what if” he had done it, or he could just get up and do it.

Realized he didn’t need to get approval from “gatekeepers”; he just needed a community of likeminded people who were “his brand of weird” a la Seth Godin.

Only when we’re truly committed to making it happen will the Universe work with us to make it happen. It certainly won’t be easy.

James: “Success is not a peak; it’s a plateau.”

Nate: “Success is more like a bunch of tiny islands scattered over the infinite ocean of potential.”


How Nate Leverages Patreon

Uses Patreon to connect with people who are “his brand of weird.”

Has over 500 patrons currently! Nate feels they are as excited about his work as he is.

Started a Facebook group: “Natives.” They’ve become a true network of friends through his work on Patreon.

Does a new YouTube video every Monday. Livestreams his shows for his international fans.

How much of musical activities devoted to Patreon, and how much to live shows?

Currently, very few live shows. Mostly online.┬áHe’s discovered the Internet allows him to connect him with anyone, anywhere and anytime.

Has thousands of people tuning in to live streams every day.

Doesn’t have to play live shows to make ends meet. Has a lifestyle that allows him to live with his Patreon contributions.

Not trying to “recreate” a live dynamic in his Internet performances. It has taught him a lot about how to do live shows.


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