103: Stomp on Those Eggshells (feat. Nathaniel Mayfield)

"The music (and art) world has been taken over by ideology. It's no longer enough to simply pursue your art. You must pursue your art 'in the pursuit of social justice.'"

My friend Nate Mayfield posted this on Facebook the other day and it got me thinking. If nothing else, Nate has a way of getting people to think outside their own little box.

I'm aware of the concept of social justice, and that people oftentimes use it as a pretense for silencing the opinions of others they don't like. But it had never occurred to me that it could be a threat to one's ability to make money with their art.

So I decided to ask Nate if he would be willing to discuss this on the podcast, to which he readily agreed. Be warned: This conversation gets a little heated. Snowflakes are likely to melt.

About the Guest

Nathaniel Mayfield is an international baroque trumpet soloist turned entrepreneur. He currently operates an oil business based in Austin, TX where he lives with his wife and 3 beautiful daughters.

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this is what it's like to get a degree to play music professionally in the modern world


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