12: Pat Flynn on the Musician’s Entrepreneurial Advantage

pat flynn

In this interview, Pat Flynn of shares his story of playing trumpet and how he believes his passion for trumpet – which continues to this day – helped him develop the skills which have made him a respected thought leader in the realm of online entrepreneurship.

About the guest: Pat Flynn is an American internet marketer and business owner who runs a popular blog called Smart Passive Income where he teaches and documents his experience in creating passive income streams for his online business. He is owner of Flynndustries, LLC, under which he runs a number of web properties and niche sites including SmartPassiveIncome, Green Exam Academy and Security Guard Training HQ.

Flynn holds a B.A. degree in Architecture from the University of California, Berkeley. After graduating he found work as a Job Captain in an architectural firm but was laid off in 2008 during an economic downturn. While at the firm he was blogging his notes in preparation for taking the LEED exam (an architectural exam) which started to get traffic from the search engines. Readers of his content began emailing him suggesting he turn his notes into an eBook, and a month and a half later he released his first information product online at Flynn says the eBook was a life saver for him as he was trying to decide on his next career move and struggling to find another 9 to 5 architectural job. Fortunately this decision became easy when the eBook took off and made sales of over US$8000 in the first month.

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