8: From Sleeping in a Car to Making it Happen as an Entrepreneur w/ Ross Trottier

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What got you into music?

  • Fell in love with classical guitar
  • Military child, many moves throughout childhood

Here’s Ross performing Study in E Minor by Francisco Tarrega 🙂

Why leave the college degree plan?

  • Too much uncertainty in the career path
  • Too much non-musical stuff in the degree plan
  • Teacher switched schools
  • Tendonitis in hand while preparing for auditions
  • Just didn’t fit in with the CU Boulder culture

On to Portland, OR (2010-11)

  • Not much of a plan; no home
  • Playing cello on sidewalk, just enough $$ to get by
  • Worked for Intel Corp. as long as he could

Colorado Springs

  • Started out living in car
  • Had choice between an apartment and teaching studio; chose the studio.
  • Ate dry soup to survive
  • Took 4 months before he could afford an apartment
  • It was discouraging, but better than being stuck in a cubicle

Current MusicPreneur Activities

  • Focused on website and educational materials
  • Puzzles; D&D type game
  • Homeschool type format
  • Ultimate goal is to take you from never touching classical guitar to passing college entrance auditions
  • Free 100 page ebook on how to read guitar

The power of “free”

  • You can use your email address to collect tons of very valuable info from reputable vendors
  • Ross makes money by collecting email addresses, then marketing his ebooks to that email list

Ross’ Future

  • Recently got engaged
  • Wants to teach online, publish ebooks
  • Currently doing very few gigs with everything going on with teaching, publishing, etc.
  • Wants to change the face of music education over performing

Final Question: You are on stage, the crowd is on its feet giving a standing ovation. They don’t want any more, any less, everything is perfect. What have you just done?

Ross’ “big golden egg” is to show people they can start their own teaching studios in any subject. Further erode the idea that public servants are needed to educate us.

Here’s my first interview with Ross on the Outside the Music Box podcast!

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