25: Shannon Curtis Is the Musical Mary Kay

Shannon Curtis  tells us about how she makes her living doing house concerts.

To sum up: She tried to make it happen touring clubs and coffee shops. She scheduled a few house concerts while she had some downtime on tour, and the rest, as they say, is history.

She's the author of, No Booker, No Bouncer, No Bartender: How I made $25k on a 2-Month House Concert Tour. (I included a link for you!)

Key Points:

-Last summer, Shannon averaged over $800 per show!

-By doing house concerts, Shannon creates new markets, rather than competing for existing venues.

-Shannon's house concerts are "community driven." The hosts aren't in it for the money; they want to build community.

-The process by which she vets her hosts to ensure a safe experience for all involved.

-This business model allows her to perform in multiple venues per city.

-The concert hosts benefits by being "the guy/gal who hosts a cool concert."

-The way Shannon keeps costs down while traveling.


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