37: Tasmin Little Used a Naked Violin to Change the World. Here’s What She Did.

The Starving Artist Works for Free. The Thriving Artist Always Works for Something.

tasmin littleTasmin Little had everything a successful violinist is expected to have:

Several critically acclaimed albums to her credit; performing in the finest concert halls in the world; an engaged community of fans and followers.

But when she played her violin under a bridge in the South Bank of London as part of a social experiment with a local newspaper, she realized there was something she could do to reach a new audience of people with her music.

It might surprise you to hear who stopped to listen to her play.

It wasn't the traditional arts patrons who might hear her play at the glamorous concert hall on the other side of town.

No, it was the young people. People who otherwise would never have the opportunity to hear great classical music.

So Tasmin started the "Naked Violin" project.

A full-length CD of the highest quality music, available for free for whosoever will.

No strings attached, no email address to give in exchange.

A simple gift with a simple request: "Just write me and tell me what you think of the music."

"When you have an idea, just run with it."

In this amazing interview, Tasmin shares how the Naked Violin project has torn down barriers that existed - and continue to exist - between classical music and audiences that are outside the typical patron of "serious music."

Among the topics we discussed:

  • Why children are the best audiences of classical music, and why many adults close themselves off to it.
  • How the Naked Violin touched the lives of many of those who heard it - including in places like China where people were unable to purchase CD's on the internet.
  • Why it was vital to produce the absolute best possible quality recording, even though those who listened to it will never pay for it.
  • The immediate results of the Naked Violin project, as well as how it has continued to have an impact today, 8 years after its release.
  • How the spiritual rewards of the project far outweigh any material gain she could have had from the album.
  • Why you should not allow a seemingly intimidating situation prevent you from trying to achieve a goal.

Is there a better way to spend your Sunday than listening to this interview with Tasmin? I think not.

Give it a listen - and be sure to let me know your thoughts!

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