39: Tim Conkling on How to Make Music a Part of Your Higher Purpose

tim conkling

tim conklingYou can purchase Tim's book Stranger in Every Land here.

And Mobilized Merchants here.

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Forget that guy on the Dos Equis commercials. My guest for this episode, Tim Conkling, is the most interesting man in the world.

  • Graduate of the Eastman School of Music, with degrees in trumpet performance and conducting.
  • Missionary to the Chinese people for 25 years.
  • Directly involved in the very first Chinese man receiving diplomatic immunity from the United States for religious persecution.

I could go on and on.

Oh, and he can also teach correct pronunciation of Mandarin in 6 hours. (We're producing a course on how to do so together. Stay tuned if that's of interest to you.)

In this interview, you'll hear Tim relate his experiences as a missionary, communicating his message to a foreign people.
You'll hear a lot of parallels between his work as a missionary and our work as MusicPreneur's.
Such as:

  • How to use both the left brains and right brains to connect with and hold the attention of your audience.
  • Why having a higher purpose than "just the music" will give new meaning, and even urgency, to our work.
  • Why we need to conform to societal norms rather than expecting society to conform to us.

All this and more in today's FASCINATING episode of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast!

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