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49: No One Will Toot Your Own Horn But You

No One Will Toot Your Own Horn But You

Today's episode of the MusicPreneur.Com podcast features two amazing lady trumpeters: Kate Amrine and Mandy Marksteiner!

[1:24]Opening Remarks from James Newcomb

[9:13]Interview w/ Kate Amrine

[32:52]As I Am - Written and Performed by Kate Amrine

[35:24]Interview w/ Mandy Marksteiner

[1:15:46]Closing Remarks from James Newcomb

kateA passionate and creative performer, Kate Amrine is a prominent young trumpet player balancing a multifaceted career from developing new repertoire and curating concerts to freelancing with many different groups in the New York City area. She is extremely dedicated to commissioning and performing new music, premiering over 30 pieces both as a soloist and a chamber musician.

Kate’s debut album “As I Am” was released on November 7th, and it features new music by women composers. She commissioned half of the pieces and successfully crowdfunded 80% of the costs of the project. Through this project, she was invited to present recitals at various festivals and events including the Women Composer’s Festival of Hartford, the Women of the World Festival of Baltimore, and the International Women’s Brass Conference. She is half of the team behind Brass Chicks – a blog dedicated to celebrating the work of female brass players with guest posts and interviews.

mandyMandy Marksteiner is an AWAI trained direct response copywriter who offers emails, sales letters, ebooks, blog posts and articles, case studies and white papers.

She's also the author of Tooting Your Own Horn! (How to Promote Yourself as a Trumpet Player without Being an Obnoxious Blowhard) 

Trumpeters, order your copy today, and have it delivered in time to book a Christmas gig!

She opened her copywriting business in 2008 and has a broad range of experience writing for several markets, including financial, health, fine art, music, fine dining, wine, small business, entrepreneurship, crowdfunding, politics, non-profit fundraising, parenting, science and education.


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