3: Job Security for Unemployable Musicians w/ Michael O’Neal

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Job Security for the Unemployable

Michael O'Neal is the host of the popular podcast, Solopreneur Hour: Job Security for the Unemployable and co-host of the Hines Ward Show. If you're an NFL fan, yes, it's that Hines Ward.

He is also a professional drummer and still finds time in his busy schedule to be an active performer in the San Diego area.

Here is an outline of our chat!

  • Michael's recent experience covering the NFL playoffs and making rookie mistakes
  • James recounts a rookie mistake as a podcaster
  • What do the Pros use for recording equipment?
    • Zoom recorder, not into the computer, on SD card
    • One shot at an interview with an A-List personality
    • Make sure equipment is a reason for failure
  • MO talks Music
    • Was in a band. One show per month, proceeds went to one member's equipment. Always kept equipment in shape.
    • Same as investing 10% per month into the business
    • When they began treating their band like a business, they got better gigs.
    • Career Highlight: Performing at Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO.
  • A near miss with making it big in the music business.
    • In the same orbit as a big-time producer, never approached him.
    • Ego issues, struggle finding a common dynamic within the group.
  • Breaking into the San Diego music scene
    • Lots of great drummers, hard to break in
    • Look for open jams, show up make yourself known.
  • What does it mean to be "unemployable"
    • Left a job and began freelancing.
    • Took another job after 4 years freelancing.
    • Realized his perspective had changed from his earlier days as an employee.
    • Butted heads with supervisor.
    • It means you know too much about how entrepreneurs can live their lives.
  • Mission of the Solopreneur Hour podcast
    • Expose reality of how entrepreneurs live their lives: relationships, finances, see the reality behind it.
    • Help others who may be unemployable make the right decision.
  • More fun stuff
    • Purchased his dream drum while doing the interview! (See photo below)
    • Talking vintage instruments

If you're a podcaster looking to take your interviewing game to the next level, I highly recommend Michael's course, Art of the Interview.

Want to rock the next conference you attend? Then check out Michael's FREE course, Conferencetopia.

The snare drum Michael purchased during the interview.

The snare drum Michael purchased during the interview.

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