Weekly Roundup October 12, 2018

Can you hear the wheels of musical commerce a whistling in the wind?

Every Friday, I'm going to share with my valued subscribers cool things I've discovered - all to help you be the best person, musician, entrepreneur, all around good guy/gal you can be

If you have any suggestions, or if you want me to include a project of your own, just reply to this email, and I'll get it in!

Crowd Funding Project

Trumpeter Brandon Ridenour is raising funds for an album comprised of Beatles tunes. He's doing all the arranging, and looks like it will be written for varying instrumentation. Check it out here.

Book I'm Reading

"Escape" by Anik Singal. One of the best business books I've ever read. Anik is on a mission to help entrepreneurs all over the world make it happen, whatever their goal may be. Just the intro where he tells his story as an entrepreneur is worth the price of admission! Order it here.

A Challenging Thought

I attended a webinar on how to make it happen teaching private music lessons. I think it's called Music Money Formula, which I recommend you check out. One thing they said on the webinar is that musicians, being creative people, think they need to create solutions to problems that have already been solved when it comes to business.

When you try to create a solution to a problem, you get discouraged when it doesn't work out, when all along you just needed to do what others are successfully doing. Just emulate what other people are doing successful. Put your creative energy into stuff that really matters: your music.

A Free Service I Provide

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