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4 June 2016 was a monumental day for me. It's the day the lights came on and I realized that MusicPreneur.Com was part of my destiny. I had hired one of the most successful people in online entrepreneurship for a day of one-on-one masterminding and strategizing for my fledgling career as an entrepreneur.

I was mere months removed from leaving the military, and knew that online entrepreneurship, specifically podcasting, was where I wanted to focus my efforts.

When I started, I had just begun a marginally successful podcast focused on my instrument, the trumpet. (I've since focused exclusively on the cornet, and should you hang around long enough, I'll tell you¬†all about thatūüôā

When I shared with my mentor about my trumpet podcast as well as the need I saw in that particular niche for instruction on just basic skills on marketing, promotion, internet tools, etc. we both knew this was where I should focus my efforts.

I knew next to nothing about how to make money making music, and had just begun my journey as a podcaster. I was about the last person in the world that had any business starting a podcast about Making Money Making Music.

But I knew I just couldn't live my life in peace without pursuing it, so in spite of my doubts, I just did it.

Perhaps that's you. You have this burning desire to express a message that is going to make the world a better place. You know that the best way you can share that message is through music.

But you just don't have the time to do it. You have a "real job" that consumes most of your productive energy. You're lucky if you can find just a few hours a week to devote to your calling.

You've culled the Internets for guidance on how to earn a buck with your music, and are overwhelmed at everything you need to do (or think you need to do) in order to make your living making music.

Worse, you've seen those who have "made it" as musicians, and their lifestyle is not at all what you desire. You wonder if it's really worth it at all.

This website, blog and podcast was created for you.

I believe that a MusicPreneur is more than just a musician, and just an entrepreneur. A MusicPreneur is a well-rounded, balanced individual who has mastered (or is working on mastering) 5 key areas (in order of importance).

  1. Expert Musicianship
  2. Business Savvy
  3. Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health
  4. Financial Well-Being
  5. Education on Entrepreneurial Principles (i.e. the free market, capitalism)

Every blog post, every podcast episode is crafted with these core principles in mind.

A MusicPreneur has a message that he must share with the world. Music is the best way they know how to share that message and they realize that the power of entrepreneurship is the best possible means of sharing one's message - and music - with the world.

If you're content with getting a gig with a contractor, with a symphony orchestra, with a university, you probably won't get much from this website and podcast.

If however, you're looking for more than what currently exists in the musical community, I think you'll like it.

But I'm the founder, so I'm¬†slightly¬†biased ūüôā

I invite you to check out an episode of the podcast, and read a blog postor five. If you have any questions or comments for me, feel free to email me directly.

Again, welcome to MusicPreneur.Com. May all your dreams of Making Money Making Music come true - on your terms!



Welcome to MusicPreneur.Com!

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I'm a full time MusicPreneur. Every now and then I play music. Send me an email at!

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