Why Are Classical Musicians So Sad? How to Express Your Joy and Find Your “Why” for Making Music w/ Stephen P. Brown

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Why are classical musicians so sad?

I began my interview with Stephen P. Brown with this question, and it seemed I caught him off guard. (Boy, do I love my job ūüôā

But after thinking about it for a moment, he offered this response: "Classical musicians have not been taught that it's okay to show your pleasure while you're playing."

Have you ever been on the phone with someone, and although you can't see them smiling, you know they're smiling. You can hear it in their voice.

That's what the typical classical musician is missing, according to Stephen. Smile while you're playing.

Of course, you can't physically smile while you're playing a trumpet, or concentrating on a difficult piece of music. But that doesn't mean you can't communicate your pleasure to your audience.

As Stephen says, "There's more to music than just music." Put another way: There's more to music making than the music notes in front of you, the time signature, the key signature, etc.

It's an over emphasis on those things that causes musicians to miss out on the abundance of opportunities that exist for the classical musician today.

But you can't "settle" for a job. In order to live a comfortable lifestyle, you must get out of your comfort zone. Or better yet, stretch your comfort zone. When you stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone, soon enough it's a habit. And then you can find the opportunities you wouldn't have seen while your head was stuck in the proverbial music stand.

Brown Webinar - Landscape

In this fascinating conversation with Stephen Brown, we'll discuss:

-Stephen's answer to the question, "Why are musicians so sad?"... [12:30]

-What prevents classical musicians from seeing the opportunities that are seemingly right in front of them... [20:15] 

-The non-musicians who inspire Stephen in his work coaching musicians in their careers... [23:45] 

-How to enjoy yourself as a musician without being a gratuitous jerk [29:45] 

-What we can look forward to in Stephen's FREE masterclass on Sep. 6... [32:00] 

-And much more...

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