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Are You the “Real Deal?”


Have you ever heard someone describe a performance by a musician, and they say something like, “He/she is the real deal.” What exactly do they mean by that? The person probably played songs that have been played before, maybe thousands of times, or maybe they played original material. They played on real instruments or vocal chords. They were…



Anyone who lifts weights will tell you that you have to work incrementally. Start with the small weights, do a few reps, then rest. Once your body can handle that small load, then you add just a little bit more weight, just one or two more reps. Then a little more weight, one more rep…

Comfort Killed the Cat


Once upon a time, there was a cat named Ben. Ben was a happy cat with a good master. He liked to chase mice around the house and the yard, but they were such fast creatures. He only caught them a few times. But then his master stopped feeding him. He was absent-minded and often forgot to…

How to Identify Your Brand as a Musician


One of the most popular buzzwords that has to do with entrepreneurship is “branding.” It’s also one of the most confusing. How do you identify a brand? It can be visually through a logo or aurally through a catchy jingle. Ever drive past a Burger King or McDonald’s? You can also use your sense of smell to…

Politics is the Antithesis of Music


The other day, I came across this on my Facebook news feed: “Clinton claims she didn’t know C stood for “Classified.” Trump says that the military needs its own court system. Gary Johnson couldn’t identify Aleppo. Which is worst? Which is trivial?” There was a time in my life that I was really passionate about…

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