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66: Paul Howard is Creating a Music Mecca


Music Mecca is the only all-things-music classifieds site that allows users to find band members, instruments, local music, music teachers, recording studios, concert tickets, vinyl & more in a city search setting. About the Guest Paul Howard is a published author, musician, and entrepreneur living in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a jack of several trades,…

65: Garrett Hope, The Portfolio Composer


Guitarist, turned composer, turned college professor, turned podcaster, Garrett Hope shares his story and the secret to entrepreneurial success as a composer. About the Guest Garrett is the host of The Portfolio Composer podcast, through which he coaches and mentors aspiring composers all over the world. Guest’s Websites Tweets by newjam76 If you…

64: The Absolute Necessity of Having a “Screw You Fund” w/ Bob Lord of Parma Recordings

bob lord MusicPreneur

  What is the proper balance between commerce and art? A pressing question that musicians have been asking forever. Bob Lord deals with it quite a bit working with classical musicians at Parma Recordings and has some unique insights on that topic! About the Guest Bob Lord is founder of Parma Recordings and co-founder of…

63: Achieving Radically Efficient Practice w/ Marc Gelfo


Marc Gelfo is a neuro-symphonic french horn player. He’s won orchestral auditions without following “the plan”: go to conservatory, run the audition circuit, play the numbers game. In fact, he didn’t even major in music in college. What was the difference? Revolutionary practice techniques that he is now incorporating into an app that could change…

62: Put Yourself on the Pedestal. +My First Ever Podcast Interview (Yikes!!!)


Be notified of updates and new podcasts – plus receive a free bonus e-book. Notify Me! This is a bit of a pontification from yours truly regarding self-promotion. I’ve been reflecting on this, particularly in the last month or so. And I got hit square between the eyes early this week watching a training video…

61: The Story Behind Tatiana Coin


Be notified of updates and new podcasts – plus receive a free bonus e-book. Notify Me! Tatiana Moroz is a longtime advocate for Bitcoin and crypto currency. She created her own crypto currency called Tatiana Coin which she uses to create and sustain community within her own fan base. About the Guest TATIANA MOROZ is…

60: Tatiana Moroz is Keeping the Faith


Be notified of updates and new podcasts – plus receive a free bonus e-book. Notify Me! TATIANA MOROZ is a soulful, outspoken singer-songwriter, and one of the premier artists in the blockchain and liberty activist communities. Following the release of several independently produced LPs, EPs and singles, Tatiana’s next album Keep The Faith is set…

59: Hacking College and Other Life Essentials w/ Kyle Winey


Episode Synopsis Kyle Winey did everything right. His roommate did everything wrong. At least on the surface. Why did the roomie get the sweet gig while Kyle got the run around? Hear the story and more on today’s episode. About the Guest Kyle is a blogger and author of Hackiversity: The Secret to Achieving More by Doing…

58: Think It’s Too Late to Start a Career in Music? Not according to Afi Scruggs.


Free Ebook! About the Guest Afi Scruggs is a Cleveland-based bassist. She describes herself as a “renaissance woman who plays music, but bass comes first.” Guest’s Website Relevant Links Tweets by newjam76 If you enjoyed this episode, you might enjoy this one too!


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