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Learn Both Hands


Years ago, when the spark of entrepreneurship wasn’t even a glimmer in my eye, I had a job at a guitar factory in Tacoma, WA. The brand is called Tacoma Guitars and they have a solid overall reputation among guitarists. During breaks from my extremely tedious job of gluing pieces of wood together then running…

Put the Music First. The Money Will Follow.


Here’s a quick history of the MusicPreneur project. In June 2016, I spent a day with a pretty well known figure in the realm of online marketing and entrepreneurship. Together, we brainstormed an idea on a podcast and business model that would teach modern entrepreneurship tools and techniques to musicians. We came up with the…

Be Respectful of All, Be Impressed by None


One lesson I’ll always remember from my young days as a trumpet player is that no matter how good you think you are, there’s always someone better than you. I don’t remember exactly who said it. Probably many people said it and that’s why I remember it.  What this little adage means is that no…

Speak With Authority, And You’ll Become An Authority


Speak with Authority and You’ll Become an Authority “In order to preach to 1,000 people, you need to preach to one person. That one person is yourself.” That advice was given by the keynote speaker at a seminary graduation I attended for a friend of mine many years ago. Although he addressed it to his niche audience…

Build Your Brand


“Build Your Brand.” “You have to market yourself.” “You have to be entrepreneurial to be successful as a musician.” These are many of the themes we hear on how to make it as a musician in the modern world. Gone – or pretty close to it – are the days where we can hang onto…

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