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Email Marketing

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Do-It-Yourself Public Relations

A CD course by Bob Bly, a self-made multi-millionaire and one of the most respected copywriters in the U.S.


A collection of free ebooks and courses dedicated to improving your marketing and promotion skeelz.

Twitter for MusicPreneur's

A free course by Carlos Castillo on how to build your audience using the powerful and oft-overlooked tool called Twitter.

Services provided by guests of the podcast

Carlos Castillo's MusicPreneur Apprentice Program
Free 30 Minute Eval of your Website w/ Corey Brown
Resonate is a Blockchain-based streaming service which enables artists to more quickly monetize their work!
Donor See - the Uber of Charities!
Donor See - the Uber of Charities!

books written by guests of the podcast

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