These are tools and resources that I use on a regular basis and would recommend to anyone. Keep in mind that I'm an affiliate for some of these products/services and earn a commission should you choose to purchase them.

MusicPreneur Training (Use Promo Code "MusicPreneurPodcast" for a 10% discount on these outstanding courses!)

Twitter for MusicPreneur's - 70% off for a limited time!
MusicPreneur Apprentice Program
If I had to choose one internet tool, I would choose a scheduler. If I had to choose one scheduler, I would choose Acuity. It is simple, ultra convenient for your contacts, syncs with your calendar and can even embed in your website!

Books I've Read More Than Once

More Highly Recommended Books

Podcasting and Blogging Resources

This is where I've learned everything I know about podcasting. John Lee Dumas is a Go-Giver in every sense of the word and has created an incredible community of entrepreneurs here!

Podcast Websites is the All in One solution I use for podcast and web hosting. Everything that has to do with starting and operating a podcast and maintaining a professional looking website can be done through Podcast Websites.

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