Secrets of the Musical Mind

An Online Course that Will Help You
Win the Battle With Your Mind
And Let the Music Flow!

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Dr. Richard Cox - MD, PHD, DMIN

Faculty at Duke University and Oxford University

Over 40 years experience counseling professional musicians

Author of 20+ books

Presenter at the Interlochen Academy, International Trumpet Guild and Association of Concert Bands

Dr. Richard Cox - MD, PHD, DMIN

“Music is a language – the composition is the story, the player is the speaker, and the listener is the audience.”

Richard H. Cox

The Course Consists of 10 Lessons

About Stage Fright


Overcoming Stage Fright

Your Brain on Music

Your Body on Music

Ten Commandments for Musicians

5 Essentials for Musicians

Know Yourself

Learning How to Practice

Good: The Enemy of Great

The Power of Music


In Both Audio and Video Formats


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