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A must listen for musicians

What a great show for musicians and artists to help learn how to feel good about making a living from their art. Love the various topics that James covers.

by KvScoop from United States

Love the variety of topics

Enjoy the fact that James talks about a variety of topics that relate to us personally and professionally and not all related to just all about music. Gives analogies we can relate to that helps make his point. Great insite that we all can use.

by Anne Bachrach from United States

Sage Advice and Great Stories

My daughter plays guitar and learning to market yourself as a professional musician is not something that is widely taught.... This podcast will set you in the right direction with your music career.

by YouOWNIT from United States


This show is an honest glimpse into the life of a man doing his best to make a living in the music field. James tells it like it is, warts and all, and shares the joys and the pain. His knowledge and experience and his light hearted humor makes for a very entertaining show.

by green73bigblock from United States

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