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Good Things That Will Come in the “New Normal” (Post COVID-19)

By James Newcomb | 08/09/2020 |

The end is in sight. The coronavirus pandemic cannot and will not last forever. While there has been plenty of media attention, both true and false, on the negative impact of the virus on our society, I’ve personally seen some good come of it. I believe that with a bit of conscientious decision-making and lifestyle…

Money as a KPI for the Musician

By James Newcomb | 07/25/2020 |

Welcome to the show James and wife Sana talk about the introduction for the podcast, as well as foundational ethics and philosophy related to making music a business. Down the FREE mobile app today! Visit for more information. Episode sponsor: Beatin’ Path Media – Specializing in podcast production, voiceover and narration, mobile…

The Trumpet Didn’t Sound

By James Newcomb | 07/12/2020 |

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The Pillow Test (Bill and Charley on the Railroad)

By James Newcomb | 07/08/2020 |

Once upon a time, it was a hot August day in a railroad yard outside Albuquerque, New Mexico, and there was a crew of eight men who work on the rails with their pick axes and shovels. Seven in the men were in their twenties, and then there was Charley who was in his sixties. …

This Guy Was Preparing While the Other Guy Was Taking Care of Business

By James Newcomb | 07/08/2020 |

Let me tell you a story about somebody who had big hopes for his future, but procrastination got in his way. This is the story about Johnny. Johnny was from New Jersey, and Johnny was going to school part-time, and then he dropped out and became a salesperson. He was a pretty good salesman.  Every…

Olympic Bobsled Competition Story

By James Newcomb | 07/07/2020 | The winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria, from January 29 to February 9, 1964.  In the two-man bobsled, the greatest driver in the world was Eugenio Monti from Italy.  Eugenia just ended his last run in with an incredible time. There was only one team left. Nobody was going to beat the Italians. …

Flying Penguins

By James Newcomb | 07/07/2020 |

Let me tell you a story. One day the penguins on the South Pole had a convention, and they were getting real upset with God. How come every other bird that has wings can fly and penguins can’t fly? Well, they had a committee, and one person on the committee went on YouTube, and he…

Steal or Steel? How Your Outlook Guides You Through Difficult Circumstances

By James Newcomb | 06/22/2020 |

James Newcomb and wife Sana Dorry discuss how our reactions and our mindset determine how our circumstances affect our quality of life, particularly when circumstances go awry. Check out more free podcasts, courses, articles and much more on James Newcomb’s personal smartphone app! Type in into your phone’s browser and you’re off to the…

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